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Pavel V. Vasilyev

Pavel Vasilyev was born on August 29, 1963. He has been keen on photography, cycling and carting since his childhood. He is a prize-winner of republican and international competitions. P. Vasilyev graduated from Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages and passed training in Manchester, Great Britain. After graduating from civil aviation courses at the Sheremetyevo Airport, he visited different countries and continents as AN-12, AN-22, AN-124, IL-76 crewman of the AEROFLOT Company. As a member of AN-124 crews he took part in the flight on V. P. Chkalov's AIO-25 route and visited the memorial in Vancouver.

His aviation career over, P. Vasilyev returned to motor racing. He is an organizer and participant of a great number of automobile competitions. He had a team of his own. He was the Vice-President of the Belarusian Automobile Federation and the founder of the Alliance of Automobile Federations of Europe and Asia (Kiev). P. Vasilyev is a participant of the FIA-AIT General Assemblies. He is the author of the Ergonom Lodgic program for the Ministry of Transport and Communicatins of the Republic of Belarus and the CIS. He is the initiator and the supervisor of the Intellectual Transport Systems (ITS-BELARUS) project of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. He contributed to the formation of Vitebsk free-economic zone and the construction of the FIA-FIM International race-track. Testing and Preparation. P. Vasilyev is a partner of the International Motor-Sports Consulting. At present he is looking for HI-TEC partners and investors. He is an adherent of the theory of convergence and universal values. His motto is To Cognize the Unknown through Science and Art. His hobbies are landscape architecture, equestrian sport, billiards. His dream is to build a golf course. He is a member of the Belarusian Chess Federation. He is a supporter of the Olympic Movement and the National Olympic Committee. He cooperates with numerous international organizations. He organizes virtual flights in honour of the 90th anniversary of the AEROFLOT Company and the 80th anniversary of the MINSK-1 airport. P. Vasilyev is the founder of the special medal for pilots.

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